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Posted by deborah neiman on Tue, Dec 10, 2013 @ 06:43 AM

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Don’t let holiday travel sideline your healthy fitness/weight loss goals! Many people find that during holiday travel, their workout regimen seems to get thrown out of whack.  Fortunately,
with a little planning and determination, you can maintain your fitness level, no matter where you are. 

Step Ahead’s fitness director, certified personal trainer, Noelle Lusardi, says “the key is to be creative and remember that even short workouts are better than no workouts at all.”

Here are a few tips from Noelle on how to stay fit while traveling this holiday

Do An Intense Workout in Your Hotel Room or Wherever…

Customize your own 30-minute workout combining three lower body workouts (squats or lunges) and three upper body exercises (modified push-ups or chair dips).

Warm up and increase your heart rate with exercises like marching or jogging in place, then do 10-20 repetitions of a lower body exercise and 10-15 repetitions of an upper body exercise. Follow this with a minute of jumping jacks or jogging in place. Repeat this routine two or even three times and then add in some core work such as planks, lower back extensions and crunches. Finish with stretching.

Bring Tubes, Bands and More…

Don't leave home without easy to carry fitness equipment.  Bring your tubes, bands, bathing suit if you can swim, good music and you’ll be on your way to sticking with your fitness routine this holiday season. 

Get a Jump Rope...

Jumping rope is a great way to get in a few minutes of intense cardio workout and it can be done just about anywhere. If you don’t have a jump rope, climb the stairs several times at a
fast pace and feel your heart rate soar.

Remember to Plan to Relax…

Don't overdo it. Staying fit is important, but stay grounded and remember the real reason for the holidays is to spend quality time with those who are important to you.  Practice Yoga is a great way to regroup, relieve stress and relax your body. 

For more holiday fit tips, or fitness questions in general, contact Noelle Lusardi directly at  Lastly, have a very happy and peaceful holiday from all of us at Step Ahead Wellness Center.  Check out our latest healthy weight loss special offer at


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