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Holiday Food? I'm the Boss

Posted by deborah neiman on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 02:19 PM

Check out this great article from Diabetes Forecast magazine-

This time of year, the festive foods can be a challenge for those of us with diabetes. When faced with holiday indulgences, I try to keep these questions in mind:

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  1. Is it truly delicious?

    I'd rather spend my calories and carb grams on something that is wonderful. Because I have to take insulin before I eat, there's a pause-and-reflect that helps me decide whether the bite is bolus-worthy. A bolus is a dose of fast-acting insulin I deliver with my insulin pump by typing in the number of carb grams I estimate I'll swallow. But too many extra boluses means I'm probably overeating—something I need to watch along with my blood sugars. For people not using insulin, the pause-and reflect tends to require a decision about what to swap for the treat—passing on the dinner roll and mashed potatoes and instead choosing a slice of pie, for example.
  2. Can I chew it?

    To each her own, but I prefer to chew my calories rather than spend them on drinks.
  3. Am I hungry or just bored?

    It's easy to focus on food, yet there are so many non-caloric joys to be found this season. Entertaining my cats, a board game with my son, a quick walk outside—they're all calorie-free!
  4. Did I exercise today?

    Getting at least 30 minutes of movement can help balance out a few extra munches.
  5. Are vegetables involved?

    Reminding myself to work nonstarchy veggies into my holiday eating helps me to manage calories and carbs and feel good about the fiber, vitamins, and minerals I'm feeding myself. Dips taste just as good on crunchy carrot or celery sticks as they do on chips, for example. Sometimes, of course, the chat about food choices moves out of my head and into the area of conversation with family and friends. Preparing for the inevitable "Can you eat that?" comments comes in handy.


By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director

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