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Medical Weight Loss Solutions at Your Fingertips

Posted by deborah neiman on Thu, Jun 19, 2014 @ 02:20 PM

Losing weight doesn't have to be a struggle.Every day, American men and women struggle with weight loss. Yet, for every person who manages to drop a few pounds, countless more people are left gaining weight, despite strict diet and exercise regimens.

Check out the best-selling books list, and you’ll likely see several different diet books in the top 20 at any given time. Yet, despite the massive amount of diet plans and self-help books on the subject of losing weight, obesity remains a huge problem.


Part of the problem is that these diet plans are usually concocted as a “one size fits all” solution; something to be marketed to the masses with no thought to the fact that every person is different. Even people who are closely related by blood, such as a brother and a sister, can have wildly different metabolic rates and personal habits that influence the way in which they respond to changes in their diet.

What makes one person lose fat and build muscle might not have much of an impact on another person. Some people may even have an easier time adhering to a strict diet than others, making certain kinds of diets easier for them. Hormone levels in men and women alike can affect how many calories they burn from exercise and how long they can maintain a workout.

With so many variables existing from person to person, creating a truly universal diet and exercise program that will work for every person seems impossible.

Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges

So, is the fight to lose weight hopeless, then? No, of course not. While there may not be one universally successful miracle cure for weight loss, there are medical weight loss programs that can definitely help you.

Meeting your weight loss goals can be an exhilarating experience.The key difference between these programs and the fad diets is that a medical weight loss program is overseen by a real physician who is tracking your needs. With a fad diet, you’re usually on your own. By creating a personalized weight loss program for you and only you, a medical program can address the unique elements of your biology that enable or prevent your weight loss.

For example, the Step Ahead Wellness program is a highly individualized approach that takes into account your metabolic rate, medical needs, and a complete plan for managing your calories, both in consumption and in exercise.

Beyond the personalized approach, the wellness program supports you through your weight loss with a dedicated staff of compassionate professionals who will work with you one on one to help keep you motivated and meeting goals.

You don’t have to try to face the challenge of losing weight on your own. Get the help of an effective, personalized weight loss program that has been proven to be effective time and time again.

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