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Dr. Neiman Featured in Diabetes Forecast Magazine

Posted by deborah neiman on Wed, Jan 22, 2014 @ 12:28 PM

Step Ahead Wellness Center's founder/medical director, Dr. Deborah Neiman is featured in the February issue of DIABETES FORECAST.  See below for our very own diet doctors advice on sticking with your exercise routine during the winter months.


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Exercise: We all know we should be active.  But it's wintertime, and we're really busy, and the couch is so inviting after a long day.  Pretty soon the excuses win, and we're out of our fitness routine.  Not anymore! We've got simple tips to make your environment-- and therefore you-- more exercise -friendly.


* Change how you think about exercise.

The idea of "exercise" can sound like hard work, and that poses a mental roadblock, says Deborah Neiman, MD, an internist adn medical director at Step Ahead Wellness Center, a weight-loss center in Far Hills, NJ.  She suggests looking at adding more activity, rather than exercise, to your routine.  "You have to change your way of looking at it," she says.  "Most people, when they think of exercise, get very turned off because there's a big effort there."  So rather than believe you have to become a gym rat, start thinking about ways you can add movement to your day.  Getting up and moving during commercials, going for a walk after meals-- all those little steps add up.




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