Diet and Exercise for Long Term Weight Control 

Diet and exercise are the keys to long term weight loss success. At Step Ahead Wellness Center, our Far Hills, New Jersey weight loss exercise program encourages an active step program to fit into everyone’s lifestyle and health needs.  Weekly progress is monitored by the Physician and adjustments are made on an individual basis because there is no “one plan fits all” approach.

Step Ahead Weight Loss Exercise Program

An active walking program with the aid of pedometers has been successfully used across the country in such programs as Shape up America and Walk America. Active “stepping” has been proven to be one of the best methods to prevent weight gain and promote weight maintenance. Our Far Hills, NJ Weight Loss Exercise Program is an activity set that can be fit into any lifestyle and can be adjusted to meet all health needs. Sign up and get your free Pedometer to help you step forward to reach your goals!


10,000 Steps Program

2,000 steps = 1 mile
2,000 steps = 15 minutes
2,000 steps = 100 calories
10,000 steps per day = 500 calories burned

Examples in a typical day:
Walking up 5 flights of stairs = 500 steps
Getting up and walking to co-workers desks = 500 steps


* Restrictions apply, please call for details 908.470.2235