Diet and Nutrition Plan New Jersey (NJ)

Our program is based on providing a well-balanced, low calorie meal plan that’s physician supervised and tailored to your lifestyle.

At Step Ahead, we don’t place patients on charts and label their optimal weight. Instead we work together to develop individualized diet plans that incorporate any medical factors that need to be addressed, such as diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol issues.

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We determine an appropriate caloric rate based on your metabolic rate and examine food volume and portion control. We also offer intensive nutritional analysis, education and compassionate guidance to help keep you motivated.

Vitamin supplements and appetite suppressants may be prescribed by Dr. Neiman as necessary to enhance your weight loss efforts.

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Has your weight loss battle left you feeling frustrated, powerless and afraid? If you’re worried about your health, but are fed up trying to lose weight, you should know about a New Jersey (NJ) diet plan that is medically supervised and designed especially for long-term weight loss.

It’s a safe and supportive program that combines the best in exercise and nutrition under the supervision of a caring and knowledgeable physician with 17 years experience in private practice. The Step Ahead Success Plan from Dr. Deborah Neiman is individually tailored to meet your unique needs…and it really works.

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