Avni's Story ...

I got engaged in January 2008 and began planning for my wedding with only a 9 month timeline. Like all brides, one of the first things on my list was to lose weight! I had gained a few pounds post-engagement and really was not feeling at my best. I joined a gym close to my work and “tried” to work-out as regularly as I could. My work-outs were mostly cardio because like most gyms, you are only provided a trainer for the first few days and left to figure it out all on your own thereafter. I knew I wanted to get a personal trainer and kick it up a notch but I kept putting it off until the summer. Before I knew it, it was well into June and I had to find a trainer as soon as possible. I googled around for a few and did contact some; I found that either they were way over my budget, not in reasonable proximity (most are based out in New York City), and/or they would provide services but you had to have a gym available in your home/apt (most membership gyms would not allow outside trainers). So I came across the Bridal Boot Camp program in the’s community resources page and made an appointment. After visiting the Step Ahead office and work-out room, and meeting the staff I instantly knew this was the place for me. I received a lot of encouragement and knowledgeable information through the initial body composition analysis that I was never aware of.

The fact that they go by the philosophy that “one size really does not fit all” really got my attention and the fact that the program really personalizes your plan based on your own metabolic rate and what exercises will work for you.

What’s great about Bridal Boot Camp is that it’s actually fun!

The meetings with the nutritionist and physician were very enlightening, I found that you really have to be able to know your own body and the team really assesses that and shows you how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am an avid reader and I probably have every diet book on my shelf, but there is something different about one-on-one conversation and getting to review your food diary regularly with a knowledgeable nutritionist. Surprisingly, the one thing I thought I would dread the most turned out to be my favorite part of Boot Camp, which was the bi-weekly training sessions! I not only learned new exercise techniques I will use forever, I truly enjoyed the one-on-one more personal attention; you know you are doing each move correctly and making the most out of your work-out rather than in a class setting where you may not get that personal attention. The trainer also always changed up the routines for the duration of the program and kept it fun!

I really felt a transformation, I felt stronger and leaner, better than I have ever felt. The best part of Boot Camp as a whole - the staff! They are the friendliest and most caring bunch and I am so grateful to have met them!

Conquering my obstacles ...

I feel that in the past my obstacle was not having a better understanding of how my body works. Your body composition, height, age, metabolic rate are all factors which make up you and just because a certain diet or exercise routine works for one person does not mean that it will work for you.

By coming to Bridal Boot Camp, I really understood what I
needed to do to meet my goal weight.

I was able to come up with a plan with the nutritionist that works for me and incorporated what I liked to eat and still lose weight. I was always under the misconception that cardio was the only way to lose weight, and I was very mistaken, the trainer incorporated a lot of strength training which I found to be equally important and you see results a lot faster when you incorporate the two.

I would definitely recommend Bridal Boot Camp to other brides.

The combination of physician and nutrition consultations and personal training sessions keeps you motivated and coming back every week.

The personalization of it all I’d say is really the key to weight loss; each body is different and the program really hones in on that concept.

I have to say, the icing on the (wedding) cake is definitely the team of people that you get to work with at Bridal Boot Camp. I reached my bridal goal by the end of it all and that made it all worth joining, In fact, I was so happy with my results that I’m planning on coming back after the honeymoon!