Weight Loss Success Story

Rusty Success Story After - Step Ahead Wellness
180 lbs.
Rusty Success Story Before - Step Ahead Wellness
225 lbs.

Rusty, 38

“Step Ahead has an amazing staff that provides wonderful support. They stress the importance of making healthy decisions and keeping focused on personal goals as well as continually giving great losing weight tips. Truly a family setting.“

Rusty's Story

I went to Dr. Neiman because I was 45 pounds overweight, pre-diabetic, hypertensive with cholesterol over 250, and had tried every diet out there. Depression was setting in as I was already strict with my calorie intake and was exercising.

My first meeting with Step Ahead was an introduction to the staff, and a tour of the facility and testing. My meeting ended with a clear goal in place, a detailed diet plan and exercise regimen that was very realistic. Most of all, I left the office with a renewed confidence and hope that I could, with the help of Step Ahead, overcome my obesity.


Presently I weigh 180 pounds, I am NOT pre-diabetic, my blood pressure is perfect and sometimes almost hypotensive. My cholesterol is fine and I feel GREAT. I ran two Tough Mudder races (13 miles long) in the last year and exercise four times a week. This is all because of Dr. Neiman, her staff and her incredible program, Step Ahead. There is not a day that goes by I don't thank God for putting Dr. Neiman in my life.

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