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Power Walk/Yoga Stretch Classes in the Park... Coming This Summer! Sign up now!


Step Ahead Wellness Center is excited to introduce our new Summer Fitness Program... Power Walk/Yoga Stretch in the park!  See below for details!  Email our fitness trainer, Noelle Lusardi, at to sign up!  Visit our website at for our latest weight loss programs and special offers!


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It's Not Too Late To Join Our FREE Fit and Fuel Event! 

Call today to register!!!


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If you’re trying to lose weight or sculpt your body, you know that quality workouts are essential. However, it can be tough to hit the gym if you don’t fuel up beforehand. You should always eat something nutritious as a way of preparing your body. Here are six pre-workout snacks to boost your energy level:

1. Greek  yogurt

With nearly twice the protein of regular yogurt, the thick and creamy Greek version will leave you feeling satisfied without weighing you down. It will digest slowly and steadily so you can keep your strength up throughout your entire workout. Try indulging in a cup of this smooth, velvety treat before you train and you’ll likely experience a drastic rise in that get-up-and-go

2. Raw almonds

If you’re heading to the gym right after work, you may not have access to a fridge. That means you might want a good source of protein that you can eat at room temperature. Raw almonds are the perfect pre-workout snack for those on the run. They’re lower in calories than most varieties of nuts and can easily be packed in a baggie or reusable container. A handful can even be slipped in your pocket as long as you’re not afraid of a little lint. It’s a portable, protein-packed snack to munch to prepare you for your exercises.

3. Bananas

Forget anything negative you may have heard about bananas. When you’re working out on a consistent basis, you need some good carbohydrates to keep you going. Plus, the high amount of potassium bananas contain will help replenish your muscle function as you go along. That can help combat the soreness and stiff joints that typically accompany a hard workout.

4. Oatmeal

Whole-grain oats are an excellent way to get your pre-workout fiber fix. Have a small bowl of oatmeal about 30 minutes or so before training to allow time for the complex carbs to work their magic. They’ll break down slowly in your body so you’ll feel energized from your warm-up to your cool-down. You can even stir in a bit of nut butter for an added boost of protein and tasty burst
of flavor.

 5. Smoothie

Smoothies are great pre-workout snacks since you can put in any healthy ingredients that your taste buds desire. Almond milk or yogurt could serve as a delicious base to get you started. Then, blend in some wholesome fruits like strawberries, pineapples and papayas. If you’re trying to build muscle, you can throw in a scoop of protein powder as well. The fiber from the fruit will digest quickly so you’ll feel an energy jolt moments after gulping everything down. A smoothie is a nice selection if you don’t have time to wait for slow-moving foods to make their way through your system.

6. Eggs

When you think of having a snack, eggs probably don’t immediately come to mind. However, these staples of the breakfast table are a solid choice no matter what time of day you work out. Try slicing a hard-boiled one over some kale or a piece of whole-grain toast. The protein of the egg along with the fiber of the greens or bread will help you power through your exercise routine.

Anyone with a weight-loss goal or a desire for a toned body knows how important it is to work out. In fact, it’s often the key to seeing results on the scale. However, you’ll never be able to tackle all that gym equipment if you don’t put the right fuel in your body. By eating one of these beneficial pre-workout snacks, you’ll get the energy you need to sustain you as you sweat
it out. These tasty options will help you work off those pounds and build up those muscles!

For more fitness tips contact our fitness director/certifified fitness trainer, Noelle Lusardi, at and visit our website at
for our latest weight loss programs and specials and for weight loss tips.

Healthy Easter Baskets Ideas!


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The Easter Bunny doesn’t always have to fill your basket with sweet, fatty treats! So you don’t have to forgo the holiday fun if you’re trying to clean up your diet or slim down for Spring.  Here are Step Ahead’s fitness trainer, Noelle Lusardi’s, top 5 healthy Easter basket alternatives…

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Surpass the chocolate eggs, cream-filled eggs, and marshmallow eggs and try something a little more authentic on Easter morning—a hardboiled egg! High in protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, hardboiled eggs with pastel-dyed shells make a nice centerpiece or Easter basket goodie.

2. Dark Chocolate

The majority of milk-chocolate treats are jam-packed with refined sugar and trans fats. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up chocolate for Easter altogether. Just swap the milk and white varieties for a small amount of dark chocolate This will satisfy your sweet tooth while decreasing your risk of coronary artery disease and high blood pressure all in one quick bunny hop!

3. Chocolate Covered Fruits

Strawberries, bananas, and apple slices are delightful, but when they’re dipped in melted dark chocolate, they’re a healthy Easter dream come true! Mount yours on skewers or place in mini muffin cups so that way the chocolate doesn’t smear all over your bunny basket.

4. Gift Cards

If candy isn’t to you fancy, the Easter bunny aims to please. Try tucking a few gift cards into baskets—for personal favorites like coffee cards, Mp3 downloads, e-books, restaurants, or movies.

5. Mini Carrots

What’s up Doc? Bugs Bunny sure appreciated a fresh carrot in every episode so you’re little bunnies might enjoy the humor and nutrition of mini carrot sticks tucked into cellophane bags and tied with orange and green ribbon!


For more fitness tips contact Noelle directly at


Spring 2014 Newsletter


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                                                                                               SPRING 2014 NEWSLETTER


Spring Fit & Fuel Event
Wednesday, April 23rd 5:30-6:30 pm presented by certified personal trainer, Noelle Lusardi and Nutritionist Sari Greaves. 30-minute exercise class followed by 30-minute cooking demonstration. Event is free, RSVP by April 18th
Optifast Support Group
Meet, greet, and connect with others following the Optifast Weight Loss plan. Support group meets every Friday from 11:30-12:00pm and every other Wednesday from 5:00-5:30pm starting May 2nd. Register by emailing
Recipe E-newsletter with Personalized Recipes
Take the hassle out of calorie counting and cooking by signing up for Step Ahead’s weekly recipe, emailed directly to you. Learn how to prepare tasty and nutritious meals from start to finish under 30 minutes. Request a personalized recipe from Step Ahead’s Nutritionist, Sari Greaves.  Register by emailing
Friday Morning Coffee Chat with Step Ahead’s Nutritionist
Join Step Ahead’s Nutritionist & contributor to the Dr. Oz show, Sari Greaves at Starbucks coffee shop in Bedminster, NJ  Friday mornings from 10-10:30 am starting May 2nd. Enjoy a free skinny coffee and discuss your diet with Sari. Sari will also discuss seasonal nutrition topics and latest diet trends. Register by emailing
We are offering a "2 FOR 1" spring training special.  Buy any one of our personal training packages and bring a friend or family member in to train with you for FREE!!  This is a limited time offer so act now to take advantage of it. if you have any questions or to schedule appointments.  Offer is good until June 1!
Interested in taking your fitness routine to the next level??  Call today to schedule your FREE 30-minute TRX training session, 908-470-2235.  What is TRX?  The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. TRX delivers a fast, effective total-body workout, helps build a rock-solid core, increases muscular endurance, and benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors).
We are taking you outside this summer!  From June 1 thru Labor Day weekend, our wonderful certified Yoga instructor, Alyssia,  will be offering a weekly 30-minute power walk followed by a 30-minute Yoga Stretch class in the park across the street from our office.  More detailed info on this exciting new summer program will be out soon!  In the meantime, email if you have questions or want to reserve your spot!
Our group exercise classes are still in full swing on Monday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.  Email to sign up or for more info!
Can you pass along a healthy recipe?
Have a success story to share?
Want to join a support group?

Quick Easter & Passover Weight Loss Recipes


Step Ahead's Fitness Director, Noelle Lusardi's, Rainy Day Workout!


Don't let today's rain sideline your fitness routine.  Below is a heart pounding, calorie blasting indoor workout that's sure to rev your metabolic engine.  Enjoy!


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For more fitness tips contact our fitness director, Noelle Lusardi, directly at and visit our website for all of our weight loss tips and weight loss program specials.


Wednesday is “GIVE-AWAY” DAY at Step Ahead!


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Come in for a weigh-in, personal training session, or check
in with the Doctor and Registered Dietitian and leave with these

Enjoy Greek yogurt as a healthy snack to fuel your body and take the edge off hunger!

Call Erica at 908-440-2235 to schedule your appointment. 

 Don’t delay… offer is good for today only and while supplies last.

We hope to see you today!!


For more information on all the weight loss programs we
offer, visit us at


Spring Challenge at Step Ahead... Earn a Fit Bit!


Get Paid to Lose Weight with Step Ahead!

We will reward you as you progress and meet your ongoing weight loss goals with our "Cash for Fat" program. 

The ultimate reward is a FREE Fit Bit!  See our full rewards program below.  Call today for more information, 908-470-2235.  And visit our website at for all of our weight loss programs and specials.

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Schedule Your FREE TRX Training Session Today!


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Step Ahead's fitness director/certified fitness trainer, Noelle Lusardi, is offering FREE 30-minute training sessions next week only!  Call today to schedule your session 908-470-2235, timeslots are filling up quickly.

TRX training will blast calories and challenge your muscles and cardio endurance like never before in as little as 30 minutes.  If you're looking to jumpstart your weight loss goals and get fit before summer, train with us and TRX!

Pictured is our awesome client Julie demonstrating a TRX row during her training last night! For TRX questions or for more info email Noelle directly at  For more information on our weight loss programs and specials visit

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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