Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about the Step Ahead Program?

Step Ahead Wellness Center takes an innovative approach to weight loss by combining the two basic elements of traditional weight loss programs, diet and exercise, with an extra component that’s ideal for people who need more individualized care — medical supervision by a qualified, well-trained internal medicine specialist, Dr. Deborah Neiman.

At Step Ahead, we believe that obesity is a chronic disease requiring a multidisciplinary approach that goes far beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter mentality which is endemic to so many other weight loss programs. Instead, Dr. Neiman creates a customized plan based on each participant’s complete medical history and numerous other factors. Prescription medications and supplements are also considered in combination with the lifestyle plan.

How do metabolic rate and body mass index fit into the weight loss picture?

At Step Ahead, we use your metabolic rate (the speed at which your body breaks down food) to determine the appropriate caloric rate for eating as well as exercise. We also use your body mass index (BMI) as a guideline in helping determine your best weight loss strategy.
Your BMI measures the proportion of body fat based on your height and weight.

How long does the program last?

Everyone is different. We have found the best method for long-term weight loss is a gradual approach that teaches people behavior modification strategies for the future. Aided by the support of Dr. Neiman, a registered dietitian, and fitness specialist, you will be given all the tools you need to lose weight permanently and experience a more satisfying life.

Can you tell me more about the nutrition plan?

The nutrition program starts with an extensive look at your eating patterns and weight loss history. You’ll be asked about food cravings, snacking habits, the effects of stress on your diet and what you typically eat during the day, among other things. Our registered dietitian will work with you to develop a well-balanced, low calorie meal plan that’s tailored to your lifestyle, and supervised by Dr. Neiman.

We determine an appropriate caloric rate based on your metabolic rate and also examine food volume and portion control.

What about exercising?

Even if you’re out of shape, we’ll help you develop a sound exercise routine, starting with the nationally reknowned 10,000 Steps Program. It’s a gentle approach to losing weight that is easy for anyone to adopt. Dr. Neiman will monitor your progress and make adjustments, as needed.

Why is it important to combine good nutrition with exercise for maximum weight loss?

The best programs have an equal emphasis on the cornerstones of losing weight - diet and exercise. As anyone who’s ever tried a fad diet knows, there are no shortcuts to success. The quick weight loss at the beginning of the diet is generally followed by an equally large weight gain as soon as the diet is completed.

Exercise is necessary to reinforce any weight loss and achieve better health. In the Step Ahead Program, we add medical supervision so that diet and exercise plans take into consideration any health issues that are present. This integrated approach to weight loss results in more effective — and safe — results.

Why would I choose the OPTIFAST program?

OPTIFAST is a "meal replacement" approach for a MORE RAPID weight loss, that combines a high quality, calorie controlled meal replacement diet with behavior modification, nutrition education, exercise, and medical monitoring.