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Physician-Assisted Weight Loss without the Worries

Posted by deborah neiman on Wed, Jul 09, 2014 @ 11:33 AM

For some, a successful diet is a simple as setting a goal and a plan, for others, weight loss takes more than picking a day on the calendar and setting to work.For some, weight loss is as quick and worry free as taking a few extra trips to the gym or simply cutting back on meal portions. However, what works for one person may not work for another.

Whether it’s because of their metabolism or their lifestyle, it seems that some people just have an easier time shedding the pounds and keeping them off.

The question is, how can you lose weight without excessive worry?

In answer to this question, a lot of people turn to the next big diet of the day or to an advice book. Unfortunately, they don’t always work. When the big fad diets and even good (if generic) healthy living tips fail you, there’s still hope.

Physician-Assisted Weight Loss

The problem with major fad diets and other weight loss programs is that they’re designed to work for the broadest possible audience. This means that they cannot ever truly address the needs of specific individuals.

So, if generic diet programs don’t work for you, and you don’t want to have to resort to invasive surgery, what can you do to safely shed excess weight without worry?

You can get real help from a trained physician who won’t just throw basic advice your way, that’s how.

By going to a real physician, you can get a personalized weight loss program that is tailored to your specific needs. When you use a physician’s weight loss program after they’ve run a comprehensive assessment of your diet, metabolism, and lifestyle, you’ll get a comprehensive solution to your weight loss needs.

With the help and guidance of a real weight loss expert, you’ll start seeing results quickly.

Keeping the Weight off (with a little help)

Another one of the big problems with fad diets is that even when they do work, weight is often quickly regained once the “diet” is over.

We’ve seen it time and time again: clients come to us for a weight loss solution after their previous diet ended and they ballooned up to more than their original weight.

The best way to combat this problem is to commit to a long-term solution that offers you support after your initial weight loss goals are met and you’re back to a healthy BMI. This way, you can keep the pounds off once you’ve lost the weight.

By using a physician-assisted program, you’ll get the support you need to not only lose excess pounds, but keep them from coming back after you hit your goal.

Other Advantages of a Physician-Monitored Program

Beyond creating a specialized diet and exercise regimen that will address your specific needs, a Step Ahead Wellness Center physician can help you reach and maintain your goals by prescribing dietary supplements and appetite reducers. These additional supplements can make it easier to maintain your diet while ensuring that you keep getting enough nutrition.

Find out how you can take advantage of a physician-assisted weight loss program from Step Ahead Wellness today!

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