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Personal Training Costs vs. Benefits of Health Fitness Investment

Posted by deborah neiman on Wed, Oct 15, 2014 @ 01:45 PM

Sometimes, all you need to meet your health fitness goals is a little help from an experienced expert.When it comes to losing weight, many people wonder about the costs of finding a personal trainer, and whether or not the expense is worth it. For many people, their view of the worth of personal training is colored by past experiences with non- or underqualified personal trainers who were attached to a commercial weight loss plan.

However, the investment of joining a doctor supervised medical weight loss program that offers the services of a cadre of professionals can be well worth it.


To answer this question, we’ve assembled a list featuring a few benefits of investing in your health.

Benefit #1: Improved Health

Naturally, when you work with professional dietitians, doctors, and certified personal fitness trainers, you will find that you’ll be healthier.

How so? When working with certified professionals, you’re getting real, applicable, personalized advice from experts who understand your needs. These experts base their recommendations for you on an assessment of your actual health. In contrast, a commercial weight loss plan might ask someone with osteoporosis to try to practically starve themselves of foods with the vitamins that they need to maintain bone health.

Certified experts can make sure that you’re getting the right amount of nutrition and activity that you need to build lean muscle mass while you shed pounds. Over time, your overall health should improve, providing you with more energy and drive.

Benefit #2: Improved Safety of Weight Loss

When a certified personal fitness trainer creates an exercise regimen for you, that regimen will be based on what is both feasible and beneficial to you for improving your health. Extreme diets and un-certified trainers who provide plans formulated for the masses simply cannot make all of the right concessions to your pre-existing conditions.

Remember the previous example about a weight loss patient with osteoporosis? A generic, mailed-in weight loss plan might call for exercise and activity levels that simply aren’t safe when bone health has been compromised. On the other hand, an underqualified fitness trainer might go the opposite direction, encouraging a level of activity that’s actually too light for maintaining bone health. A certified personal fitness trainer, with the help of a dietitian and a doctor, on the other hand, can identify your specific health risks and come up with a safe, but still effective, weight loss program that minimizes the risk for injuries and medical complications.

Benefit #3: Support for When You Need it

With a little help, you can make weight loss happen more easily!Sometimes, just having a helping hand from time to time can mean the difference between sticking to your weight loss plan successfully and failing to meet goals. When you invest in a health fitness program that has the support of a dedicated team that includes a certified personal fitness trainer, dietitian, and a doctor, you’ll have help available for when you need it.

With a team of trained professionals who have experience in helping people meet their health and fitness goals, you can get the extra support you may need in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Benefit #4: Long-Term Health Planning

What do you do once your diet and exercise plan is “finished” and you’ve met your goals? For all too many people, the end of a diet marks a period of rapid weight gain because there was no plan created for after goals were met.

However, with the support of a team of weight loss and fitness professionals, you can easily establish a plan for after you meet your weight loss and fitness goals so that you can keep the weight off and continue to enjoy the benefits of being healthy.

Invest in Your Health with Step Ahead Wellness

When you invest in your health by joining a health fitness program that boasts the support of dedicated and experienced professionals, you get not only a great, personalized plan for losing weight, you get a happier, healthier you as well.

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