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High Protein, Low Carb Foods On the Go

Posted by deborah neiman on Wed, Dec 03, 2014 @ 05:17 PM

At Step Ahead Wellness Center for weight loss, our mantra during the holiday season is to to set realistic goals and be sensible about your eating habits. We will help keep your weight in check through the new year.

Feeling tempted to warm up with a cup of joe or breakfast treat at a local Starbucks, Panera or other coffee shop? Here are some of your best bets for breakfast and beverages on the go. Higher protein foods will keep you full and lower carb options will help slash white flour and added sugar in your diet.

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Top Foods Picks at Coffee Houses. The following selections are under 300 calories and have at least 10 grams (g) of protein to kick start your day.


Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich: 230 calories, 13g protein

Spinach Feta Wrap: 290 calories, 19g of protein

Greek Yogurt with Berries Parfait: 220 calories, 14g protein


Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat: 240 calories, 10g protein

Egg White with Roasted Turkey Power Breakfast Bowl: 170 calories, 26g protein


Egg White Delight McMuffin: 250 calories, 18g protein

How how to slim down your drink:

Stick with nonfat milk. That goes for caffe latte (espresso, steamed milk, and foam), cappuccino (a latte with less milk and moe foam), or caffe misto (half coffee, half steamed milk, with a bit of foam). You'll walk away with just 70-130 calories (in a 16 oz. grande) with a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin B12, potasssium, and zinc.

Skip the whipped and Syrups. Save 70-110 calories by skipping whipped cream and syrups. At Starbucks, each pump of syrup has about 20 calories and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Choose herbal over chai tea. Chai Tea Lattes (in a 16 oz. grande) from Starbucks or Panera start at 200 calories due to 5 or more teaspoons of added sugar. Herbal teas are packed with disease fighting antioxidants and can soothe your tummy on a cold winter's day.

Satisfy a sweet tooth by choosing a Light Frappuccino. The most virtuous choice on a Starbucks Frappuccino menu would be the Coffee Light for only 110 calories and 4 teaspoons of added sugar. Whole milk is replaced with nonfat milk, and stevia is used to cut back on sugar.

What you need to know about getting enough protein. On average, women should aim for 60 grams of protein daily and men should aim for 80 grams of protein daily. Here's a rule of thumb: Your protein target in grams is roughly equal to half your weight in pounds. Here are some of our top picks for protein snacks on the go. Specialy snacks are sold online or at health food stores:

1. ProTings Snacks: made of pea protein, flax seeds, and sunflower oil, Protings Baked Crisps are gluten-free and each serving provides 120 calories and 15g protein.

2. The Protein Bakery's Cookies: Made with ingredients like rolled oats, light brown sugar and fine chocolate, these blondies and brownies contain no preservatives, trans fat or wheat flour. They start at 100 calories per 1 oz cookie and sneak in 4g protein. Pair this sweet treat with a nonfat plain greek yogurt for a post-workout mini meal that packs 18g protein and 200-250 calories.

3. Kashi GOLEAN Cereal: At only 140 calories per cup, you get 13g protein. Works well for a crunchy snack. Pair it with a cup of nonfat milk for a super easy high protein meal that packs 20g protein for only 230 calories.

4. Dig into Dairy and Eggs. Nonfat plain greek yogurt (6 oz.), 1% cottage cheese (1/2 cup),  a cheese stick or a boiled egg are easy ways to get 6-16g protein at only 80-100 calories per serving.

We are delighted to serve as your personal health expert team, and help make your weight loss resolutions a reality.


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