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More than mother's day brunch

Posted by Corinne Chou, MSN, NP-C on Sat, May 06, 2017 @ 05:15 PM


Roses are red, Violets are blue

Without our Moms, what would we do?

How do we say all things unsaid,

to show our gratitude and love widespread?

Perhaps a celebration keeps Mom fed.

With big brunch buffets or dinners with bread. 

There are many ways to say “thank you”

With gifts that Mom will surely say woohoo!

Rather than serving a high calorie spread.

Why not say “I love you Mom” with these ideas instead?

So a very Happy Mother’s Day to you this year

And to all your loved ones you hold dear!

Enjoy being with your Mom wherever you tread

In health and wellness from StepAhead!


  • image-1.pngFrom a fellow StepAheader, Chelsea Charles “Count me Healthy” bracelets are an inconspicuous way to lead a healthier lifestyle. These bracelets have beads that can only be moved by the wearer. They are a great way to count goals: from glasses of water to blessings each day. These are a fashionable gift any mom can use. Prices start from $45
  • FitBit tracker: a more traditional health tracker that can measure steps, heart rate, and sleep to name a few features. It can also connect to your smartphone, track your food calories, and allow you to compete with your friends. It comes in a variety of options, starting at $60.
  • Can’t get away from the sweet tooth? Try to pick a dark chocolate that’s lower in calories and sugar and take advantage of the its healthy antioxidant benefits. Or you can pair it with a fruit arrangement so everyone can enjoy.
  • For the cook: Pair a healthy cookbook with a kitchen gadget. With summer coming soon, a grill pan or vegetable steamer canZoodles-Shrimp-Pasta-2-web.jpg come in handy. An oil mister will aid in healthier cooking. Another StepAheader uses a vegetable spiralizer to turn her healthy plate of vegetables into more creative dishes.
  • Try a new physical activity together: yoga, Pilates, Barre, or even a spin class. What better way to show Mom how much you care than by putting her health first? Or for the less adventurous take advantage of the outdoors and get extra steps in before you go out to eat. Head out for a walk to a local arboretum and enjoy the flowers, or take a stroll at Duke Farms to get those steps in.

However, you choose to spend Mother's Day, let your wellness progress be enhanced and incorporated into your life (and those around you) instead of letting it be a bump in your road to success!

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