Why lose weight

There are countless benefits to weight loss. The most frequently reported weight loss benefits are lower blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol. Weight loss can help you avoid life threatening heart disease, crippling strokes and diabetes. Yet, there are so many other health benefits to weight loss as well; it helps to ward off cancer and even osteoporosis. Through weight loss, you sleep more peacefully as your mind and body can relax from over working. Weight loss greatly reduces dangerous spells of sleep apnea allowing you to improve your health through a better night's rest. It's remarkable how much more energy you benefit from as you have more strength and stamina to greet the day. Of course, as the pounds melt away your mood improves, your quality of life increases and you can rest easy knowing that you're of sound body, mind and health.

Avoid Fad Diets

The benefits of weight loss are evident. However, losing the weight is another thing. For many of us losing weight and keeping the weight off is a challenge. It can be tempting to turn to heavily advertised and seemingly easy fad diets. Yet numerous fad diets claiming to be the answer can actually damage our health and slow our weight loss. While fad diets may trigger initial weight loss, you may end up feeling worse than when you started. Most fad diets severely restrict calories depleting us of valuable vitamins and minerals. Well-balanced nutrition is critical for the health of your body, heart and weight loss. Starving yourself of much needed nutrients is a plan that is destined to fail. The minute you stop the fad diet the weight is guaranteed to come back. Sadly, you can even gain more weight than you lost and it can be harder to lose weight the next time.

Lose weight the healthy way!

So then, what is the answer to your weight loss and improved health? You've come to right place for thorough and personalized answer. A weight loss plan that works for someone else may not work for you. Step Ahead offers a personalized weight loss nutrition program that is well balanced, medically supervised and designed for your weight loss success. Step Ahead offers individualized nutrition programs and ongoing support so you're assured your body gets the nutrients it needs while you drop the dress sizes.