Comprehensive Program

The Step Ahead Program

Struggling with weight loss?

Say goodbye to failure.

We understand. We are here to help.


A highly individualized, 5-pronged approach

    • A professional, medically supervised plan that takes into account your medical needs, individual metabolic rate, and appropriate caloric plans for eating and exercising.
    • A nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle and needs
    • The nationally recognized 10,000 Steps exercise program
    • A nationally recognized, professional staff dedicated to working with you, one on one, to meet your weight loss goal.
    • Prescription appetite suppressants and nutrition supplements

Step Ahead ProgramIf you’re worried about your health and weight, you should give Step Ahead Wellness Center a call today.  This medical weight loss program is designed especially for safe, long-term weight loss. 

Our program is based on providing a well-balanced, low calorie meal plan that’s physician supervised and tailored to your lifestyle. At Step Ahead Wellness Center, we work together to develop individualized diet plans.  We determine an appropriate caloric plan based on your metabolic rate and health concerns and we can prescribe vitamin supplements and appetite suppressants as needed.  We offer intensive nutritional counseling, education, and behavior modification with compassion to keep you motivated.   There are no gimmicks – just the support and guidance to help you succeed!