Step Ahead is a highly individualized program combining medical supervision, nutrition, exercise, and close monitoring to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Getting started — your first visit

The initial office visit is an opportunity to establish a relationship with Dr. Neiman and her staff. The visit will take approximately 90 minutes and includes a complete physical exam, EKG, blood work, if necessary, a determination of your metabolic rate and a complete body composition evaluation.

Consultation with Dr. Neiman

Following the evaluation, there will be an extended consultation with Dr. Neiman to determine your goals and recommend a weight loss plan. Her very attentive staff is available throughout the visit to answer any questions and help make you feel comfortable. Vitamin supplements and appetite suppressants may be prescribed by Dr. Neiman as necessary to enhance your weight loss efforts.

Bi-weekly visits with Dr. Neiman are encouraged, along with weekly visits with our certified nutritionists for further weight management support. Periodic blood work may be necessary for monitoring progress.

To get started on your new slimmer, trimmer, active lifestyle, call our office to make your appointment:

Call: 908-470-2235

Office Hours: By appointment only!
Address: 49 U.S. Highway 202, Far Hills NJ 07931 

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Below is a link to our new patient information form. In order to save time on your first visit, we suggest that you print out these forms now, fill in and bring to your first appointment.

Getting Started Applications

  • Form 1: Patient Information
  • Form 2: In Case of Emergency
  • Form 3: Health History
  • Form 4: Nutritional Evaluation
  • Download Forms in PDF Format

Although we do not participate in any major medical plans, we are happy to work with you in your submission process and help in any way.